Ode Bertrand,
Cécile Bart &
la collection

Until 31.03.2024
at eac. Mouans-Sartoux

With a new cycle to reinterpret its permanent collection, eac. has decided to honour two major artists from the French abstract art scene. For this 2023 exhibition, Cécile Bart and Ode Bertrand have been invited to work in tandem and enter into a dialogue not only with each other but also with a selection of works from the Albers-Honegger Donation.

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"Their artworks experiment with the notion of grid patterns and systems as they play with the viewer’s eye and also with the scale of their works which ranges from the infinitely small for one to the far more monumental for the other The question of rhythm also runs through their respective approaches."

June 2023

Ode Bertrand

Born in 1930, Paris, France

From the beginning of her practice, Ode Bertrand circumscribed her boldly abstract pictorial field - with lines and straight lines forming the basis of the vocabulary she has been developing now for over 40 years. Ode Bertrand still paints with oil, being interested primarily in black and white.

The canvas emerges from grids which are often determined using the golden ratio, the pattern and position change according to the series - it may be a square or a rhombus - or as in the Miniatures series, she superimposes lines until the surface of the painting is saturated and reveals areas of opacity and transparency.

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